Gaining Consent with GDPR

  • Graham Herrington
  • August 30, 2017
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GDPR will affect businesses in a range of different ways, from internal processes to marketing strategies. So when you’re planning your next marketing campaign, remember one big thing: no longer can you rely on a hidden pre-ticked box in your Ts & Cs to gain consent.

With the new GDPR laws, transparency is key. And a well-rounded, tried and tested permission statement could mean the difference between your marketing campaign succeeding or failing.

As discussed by David Cole in a recent blog, “a universally appropriate and optimised permission statement that works for all brands or customers simply does not exist.” A major recommendation to take from this is that, in order to gain the consent, you need to roll out your marketing campaigns to the greatest effect, it must start with a strategic, tailored consent statement. This means testing and reviewing your statements regularly.

What’s more, in order to achieve consent from the customers you want to market to, you’ll now have to give them more of a reason to trust your brand enough to share their information with you. That means transparency and honesty are of utmost importance and should be demonstrated and promoted throughout the business, far beyond just consent.

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