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How do I know if Managed Document Solutions are right for my business?

By Graham Herrington
October 11, 2021
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You might have heard about Managed Document Services, but you’re not sure whether or not it is a service your business would benefit from. Ask yourself the following questions and uncover the benefit a Managed Document Services program could provide your business.

1: Does your office have printing technology?

If you have 3 printers in your local small-town office or if you have hundreds in 10 offices scattered across the country, Managed Document Services are right for your business. The benefits of print management can apply to any business, regardless of size and print equipment quantity.

2: Is there a strategy behind your printing?

Most organisations do not take the time to define a document strategy. It is time-consuming and falls at the bottom of the priority list. A lack of process can cost a significant amount of money, in the long run. The costs correlated with printing can add up to between 1-10% of a businesses’ total revenue. Installing a print strategy that effectively monitors and manages your fleet of equipment can provide your company cost savings of up to 40%.

3: How much are your print costs?

 Most businesses do not have an exact understanding of their print costs. Commonly we find businesses only consider the cost of equipment, service and supplies. However, these hard costs are only a portion of what makes up your total printing investment.

When determining this number, you also have to consider numerous indirect costs that can significantly impact your total investment. You must take into account every component: equipment, supplies, maintenance, employee burden rates and equipment life. These add up much higher than anticipated, which is an unpleasant surprise for many businesses.

4: Do you want to save time and money?

As we’ve suggested, implementing a process could save your business up to 40%. Additionally, an initial audit will uncover unknown print costs and missed savings opportunities. Many MDS programs save companies money because they allow employees to focus on their priorities and leave these print technology duties to professionals who perform these tasks on a daily basis.

These cost-saving benefits are achieved by:

  • Consolidating vendors, equipment makes and models and contracts
  • Improving workflow
  • Automating supply replenishment
  • Providing support, help desk access and maintenance
  • Cutting outsourcing costs
  • Eliminating the need for personal printers
  • Determining optimised equipment placement
  • Tracking usage and adjusting

These questions are positioned to get you thinking about your current print environment and how it is being managed. Every company has a unique situation, but we believe Managed Document Services will provide value to most businesses. Request a print audit to get a more solidified answer.

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