Print Audit

When it comes to creating seamless cost-effective systems, a print audit is the ideal way to analyse current systems and identify how much it is currently costing. Research shows you will benefit from average savings of up to 40% by implementing a more robust structure in place and establishing a suitable printing strategy.

A print audit will put you in control of your printing output and help you:

  • Save money by identifying the most cost-effective and the most expensive hardware in your business
  • Increase security by putting protected, high-end systems in place
  • Lessen environmental impact by reducing the amount of electricity you use to run your printers and the amount of consumables used through inefficiency
  • Reduce overheads by creating limits, restricting the amount of colour you use and using the most efficient devices for specific jobs

Our print audit isn’t a one-off service. We work with you on an ongoing basis to monitor, manage and support your systems, so you can focus on your business.


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