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Find the pain points, identify inefficiencies and start an effective cost recovery strategy

We can support you in gaining an accurate understanding of your existing print devices, usage and expenditure through conducting a print audit. By analysing the findings we’ll be able to identify any wasteful practices and provide you with savings of up to 40%, by implementing a more efficient solution. Completing the print audit, we’ll enable you to be in full control of your print environment. 

Cost savings  Gather valuable insights that identify the most expensive and most cost-effective devices in your business, so you have an accurate view of what you’re spending. Gartner found that companies spend between 1-3% of annual revenue on printing alone. Improved Efficiency  A clear overview of your fleet and how devices are being used will allow us to optimise and increase the efficiency of your workflows. Environmental Awareness  Insight into the environmental impact of your current print fleet, the audit will locate areas of excess paper use, ink wastage and highlight the electricity you’re using. Increase security  Visibility of your print environment with help to find any weak spots, such as confidential documents printed on unsecured devices that could be causing data breaches. Finding these gaps can help to act and minimise risk.
All these benefits can enable your business to implement an effective managed print solution. Our print audit isn’t a one-off service. We’ll work with you and our leading technology manufacturers to develop a tailored solution and provide ongoing support to monitor and manage your devices, so you can focus on your business. Whatever the size of your business, we can help.

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