We're a more sustainable choice

Sustainability is at the heart of our business, from how we advise our clients to how we operate our own business. As the experts in document management services, which can help you manage your environmental impact. Minimising your waste and transforming the way your use technology. We'll help you quickly identify the pain points preventing you from achieving your sustainability goals, or just easy ways to get your print greener. Working together, we can help to reduce energy and paper consumption, raising the efficiency of your output and sustainability efforts. For every 8333 pages our customer print, we will plant a tree for them. We then report back to them on a regular basis as their forest grows. Each time a customer makes a purchase, funds are allocated towards rainforest conservation projects which protect indigenous communities and help to remove carbon from our atmosphere.

We're here to support you

Let us support you in reducing the impact of your print environment and in hand help to lower your operational costs. With the average employee printing 6,000 sheets of paper a year, which is almost an entire tree, there's work we can do to make the whole operation better for the environment.


We have initiatives in place to help us all become more sustainable. This is an ongoing project and we're proud of the work we've achieved so far, helping the planet and our community too.

Healthcare in West Sussex

Optimising our document infrastructure has made a positive difference in helping meet our CSR goals, streamlining our workflows and minimising waste

Protecting the rainforest

In partnership with One Tribe, we help to protect our planet's rainforests by funding conservation projects across the globe. Protecting just 20 trees from deforestation will absorb 3900 kilos of carbon by 2030. Rainforests and their indigenous inhabitants are at risk from the logging, mining, oil, and agriculture industries but can be protected by land purchasing projects. Each time a customer makes a purchase, vital funding is allocated towards conservation efforts through One Tribe, which results in indigenous communities being protected and carbon being removed, stored and offset from our atmosphere.

Planting new forests

Our partnership with More:Trees will see trees planted based on your printing usage in order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. More:Trees work with partners all across the world to restore healthy forests by the click of a button with their easily integrated software, providing a dashboard too, so we can see the positive impact we're making.

Supporting schools nationwide

Working with Business2schools, a charity helping over 4,000 schools across the UK, we're rehoming unwanted printing equipment from our clients. Helping the schools with their own operations and protecting their budget to be used on more important needs.
Lindsey Parslow, CEO Business2Schools

We are thrilled to be working with MPP to support their sustainability goals. End-of-life tech is a very different thing in business compared to schools, being able to refresh it is a great way to improve school infrastructure and a really tangible way for children to learn about the circular economy

Recycling cartridges responsibly

We'll collect and recycle all of your used toner cartridges. We arrange collection and handle your waste responsibly. Nothing gets incinerated or will end up in landfill. Working with us, we'll provide 100% transparency, a clear and responsible process and lower your impact on the environment.

Eco-friendly website hosting

Our website is powered by environmentally friendly renewable energy. In all areas of our business, we're becoming greener.