The medical industry requires robust and secure systems for its document workflow and print processes. Confidentiality is a critical factor that affects every area of every organisation, and many struggle to comply with changing regulations. From a business perspective, cost savings and efficiency are also major issues - wouldn’t you agree?

For one of the medical industry experts, these issues became very apparent when planning a move in 2016 from a five-site setup to one collaborative head office in London. Patient, client and employee confidentiality was not as secure as it needed to be and the organisation knew processes needed to be updated to fit with their new office layout.


With over 800 employees in the business and a thriving HR department, it was unsurprising that our client had accumulated a vast number of printers and devices. In addition, with security and confidentiality a key focus, the costs of printing became a secondary factor.  


We began by auditing the company’s offices.  

The key priorities were to:

By using secure print software that integrates staff identification, we guaranteed the best leading digital security software and solutions to ensure our client’s important information remains confidential.

MPP reduced the fleet size by 80% by installing less but more robust and productive devices. MPP optimised our client’s printer/copier estate from 306 devices to just 49 and implemented a secure “follow me” solution that also reduced volumes and improved efficiencies.

MPP reduced our client’s annual costs by 35%.

By utilising our secure and effective document management software we reduced our client’s environmental footprint, lowered their costs drastically and helped them to move towards a paper-less environment.



“Having been recommended to us by a business contact, we asked Managed Print Partners to carry out an intensive audit. The findings were astounding – we estimated we had around 190 devices, but MPP discovered 306 devices in our fleet, all from countless manufacturers and suppliers. 

As experts in the medical industry, confidentiality is key – especially with GDPR on the horizon. Managed Print Partners helped us overcome privacy issues by putting a secure print solution in place, helping us automatically comply with many data protection regulations and improve security company-wide. The audit also outlined areas of potential cost-savings and efficiency, saving us an estimated £150,000 p/a. What’s more MPP helped us manage our expanding HR department by providing and managing a digital scanning solution. 

All the advice given by Managed Print Partners was independent and tailored to us. Plus, the team fully manage our service now and have done for over 12 months, which allows us to focus on our core business. Originally, we were hoping to achieve a more tailored, secure system, and Managed Print Partners delivered this and more, but the incredible added savings were a bonus for our business too.” 


How much could your business save with a managed document solution? 


The results your business can expect from MPP... 



Digitise your document processes and save your business up to 40% on its print costs with MPP’s leading unique solutions.  

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